Chris White ‘Master Butcher’ loves his meat and it shows in the way he plies his traditional trade. Over 40years experience developing an eye for the cuts his customers like he selects the best meat from the best suppliers he can find; if possible, as near to home in Worthing as he can.

“It is not about being a wealthy man it is about being proud of what you serve your customers to put on their tables that matters” says Chris.  He covers the length and breadth of Britain finding full flavoured beef and lamb – most recently in the Orkneys he bought prize beef at the auctions as is his regular habit at this most prestigious source.

He will try to remember to put the location on the posts here as he puts them on for you, but always feel free to ask it is not a secret!

He wants to feel a part of your weekly  shopping experience, helping you plan your meals aswell as supply many of the main ingredients.

On this site you will find basic lists of the main cuts of meat supplied and a few of the extra ingredients like herbs, spices, sauces, dairy and pre-prepared ‘easy cook’ dishes.

If you don’t see what you want just call and ask – even halal meat can be supplied to-order.

NB: We are a local butcher priding ourseleves on supplying local people, families and businesses.  We do not post or otherwise arrange delivery except in very special circumstances – you must call in meet our staff and collect your order.